Artist Statement

My paintings are testaments to the human spirit. They celebrate LIFE, the ephemeral gift we all share.

Approaching the canvas as a builder, I begin with a base of honeycomb and elements of gold as a neutral. Working within the alchemy of light, questions are posed in a way to make us pause and think – of our purpose, our road, and our mission.

Magical thinking is the most important component of storytelling, with the heavenly realms as metaphor. Lush fiction is presented in all of its glorious, dreamy detail bringing all worlds together.

Surfaces are treated with reverence; many layers of oil tinged with color create a contemplative and reflective state. Historical references provide the chance for reality and fiction to emerge. The glow of light frames the past and illuminates the future.

“At the level of the Soul, we know all things and are connected to everyone and everything. The Soul informs the mind/brain with its wisdom through symbolism, images, and direct knowing. That which is known at the level of the Soul finds expression through our gifts, talents, and abilities. An Inspired Art Form or work of Art is the Soul informing the human part of us of a deeper Truth hidden within a specific form that cannot be defined in any other way. It transcends the intellect’s explanations as it directly informs and is recognized by the Soul level of awareness in the observer.

Truth speaks to Truth … Knowing informs the Known.”

Jane Grace Kennedy, Empath