“Empress of the Americas”

Sculpture by Joan Di Lieto and Thunderfox 

“Empress of the Americas” embodies a spiritual guide to rebirth after cataclysmic changes and stands as a sentinel and guardian reminding us that all God's children must be welcomed and sheltered with dignity and warmth. “Goddess energy will bring a new order of Being. Liberated to rule over the choices of decisions made by all regardless of gender through the opening of their hearts through Her will. The Matriarchal power guiding creation into the Light. For the Pilgrim, the morning will finally arrive.”

By Jane Grace Kennedy.


Details: Oil on Wood, Gold Leaf, Paper Mache, Vintage Venetian Gold Glass Beads, Crystals, Glass Seed Beads, Painted Fabric, and Feathers.

Dimensions: 4 x 9 ft. | 48 x 108 in. 

Sculpture Details